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Contract Management Style Profile

We all know by now that the relationship between the parties to a contract can be paramount to success.  While there is a lot of advice available on how to manage relationships, it is mainly process orientated.  Although many business writers talk about the value of ‘relationships’ between organizations, it is common knowledge, and sense, that relationships are between people, not business entities.  But what if you genuinely do not like your counterpart on the other side?


It may not be a simple personality clash.  It could just be that your opposite number holds very different values to yours, when it comes to managing contracts. These underlying values represent what people believe is important when it comes to the ‘appropriate’ way to manage contracts.  If you hold a certain set of values, but your colleague in the other party does not, or perhaps has a different set altogether, misunderstandings are inevitable.  Left unresolved, these differences can fester, and conflicts are the common result.

The Contract Management Style Profile analyzes the styles that are used when managing contracts for either individuals or for a contract management team. 

The Individual Report allows you to recognize the strengths and weaknesses in your own styles, while the Team Report indicates what your team values highly versus what it values to a lesser degree. Teams with different styles tend to operate with very different behaviors and have quite different work atmospheres.

The key benefits of undertaking a Contract Management Style Profile are: 


  • Understand your own individual style preferences, strengths and weaknesses, supporting the preferred and developing underused styles to become a more balanced manager of contracts.


  • Improve the balance of the team and help identify the person with the most suitable style for a particular role within the team.

To order the Contract Management Style Profile Report, select the product link below. Once you have purchased the report, you will be directed to an online assessment that typically takes 15 minutes to complete.




Individual Report              Team Pack

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