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Outsourcing Lifecycle

USD $99.95
USD $29.95
You Save: USD $70.00
The Outsourcing Lifecycle module is the first in the series and gives you an overview of the structured process for you to make decisions, implement and manage outsourcing from pre-contract to contract end. 
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Configuration Strategy

USD $99.95
The Configuration Strategy is the high-level structural choices an organization must make in crafting its outsourcing portfolio. This module will help you make and manage your configuration decisions, and will give you a structured way to understand and d 
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Contract Scorecard

USD $225.95
This module provides an overview of the Contract Scorecard, the four attributes, and the four perspectives that can be taken. It is a high-level, strategic look at the use of a scorecard for an outsourcing deal. 
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Service Level Agreements

USD $254.95
This module provides you with the structure, methodology, templates and examples to help you successfully draft a Service Level Agreement (SLA). 
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Pricing Options & Financial Schedule

USD $221.95
This module describes the three basic pricing options for an outsourcing contract, providing the rationale, risks, and management issues behind them. 
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Governance Charter

USD $173.95
This module shows you how to prepare a Governance Charter, a key document in promoting good governance of a contract. 
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Going to Market & Request for Proposal

USD $384.95
This module provides a methodology of how to set up and prepare the bidding process, focusing on going to market and getting the best responses. It outlines the competitive stages you may want to consider, preparing a request for bid (commonly referred to 
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Provider Evaluation & Selection

USD $277.45
This module provides guidance on how to set up and conduct an evaluation of service providers, focusing on determining best value for money. It provides a structured methodology designed to assist you in evaluating competitive offers from service provider 
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Due Diligence

USD $296.95
This module provides an overview of the due diligence you perform, and explains the four forms it takes - company/financial, contractual, price, and proposed solution/s. The key part of this module is within the Due Diligence Checklists, a critical set of 
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Staff Transitions

USD $74.95
This module provides a structured methodology designed to assist you consider the issues regarding staff affected by an outsourcing initiative and solutions to help you manage staff through the transition period. This is often a tumulus period in the Outs 
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Relationship Design & Management

USD $85.45
Anyone who has managed outsourcing deals knows the relationship between the parties is a critical factor. This module provides you insight and understanding in designing and managing relationships in an outsourcing environment. 
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Contract Mgt Style Profile Team Pack

USD $2 500.00
USD $1 999.95
You Save: USD $500.05
Includes one Contract Management Style Profile Team Report and up to ten Individual Reports 
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Contract Mgt Style Profile - Individual

USD $120.00
USD $99.95
You Save: USD $20.05
The Individual Report allows you recognize the strengths and weaknesses in your own Contract Management Style. 
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Commercial Pack

USD $650.85
USD $544.95
You Save: USD $105.90
The Commercial Pack is a set of four modules that will help you design your deals commercial components. It is comprised of the Outsourcing Lifecycle, Service Level Agreements, Pricing and the Financial Options and Governance Charter Modules. 
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Tendering Pack

USD $851.85
USD $565.85
You Save: USD $286.00
The Tendering Pack is a set of four modules that will help you plan the competitive process and select the best value for money service provider(s). 
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