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Contract Mgt Style Profile - Individual
Contract Mgt Style Profile - Individual
USD $120.00
USD $99.95
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Contract Mgt Style Profile Team Pack
Contract Mgt Style Profile  Team Pack
USD $2 500.00
USD $1 999.95
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Commercial Pack
Commercial Pack
USD $650.85
USD $544.95
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Configuration Strategy

Outsourcing Lifecycle
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Outsourcing Lifecycle

Price per Unit (piece): USD $99.95
USD $29.95
You Save: USD $70.00

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The Outsourcing Lifecycle module is the first in the series and gives you an overview of the structured process for you to make decisions, implement and manage outsourcing from pre-contract to contract end.

Everything in this Outsourcing Lifecycle has been tried, tested and found to work effectively in over 100 actual outsourcing deals - large and small, complex and simple, in dozens of industries, in many countries, for 50 different business functions

The more of this process you conduct, and conduct well, the greater the success and the fewer the failures. Stated simply, the Outsourcing Lifecycle will enable you to:

  • get the right information to
  • pick the ight services for
  • the right reasons with
  • the right service provider(s) and
  • get the right deal with
  • the right management in place
- The Outsourcing Lifecycle Guide (29 pages)
- Presentation slides (15 pages)
Based on product use in practice, organizations experienced implementation and management effort savings of 20-40% during the term of the contract by having a greater understanding of, and preparing for, the Outsourcing Lifecycle.

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